Beamery Launches Chatbot, Messaging Tools to Help Strengthen Candidate Experience

Beamery Marketing Screen

Beamery launched new chatbot and messaging tools in an effort to help employers personalize their candidate experience.

The chatbot automates efforts like screening, interview scheduling and candidate engagement, helping global talent teams reduce time to hire “from weeks to days,” the company said, and deliver a personalized experience for any candidate interacting with the employer’s brand.

Beamery said the product’s messaging capability allows talent teams to drive a “truly multi-channel engagement strategy” that reaches candidates where they are. Recruiters can automate engagement with candidates across SMS, WhatsApp and other similar tools, Beamery said.

Given the importance that experience plays in a successful candidate search, it’s not surprising to discover a number of vendors are releasing more advanced, intelligent tools – and with notable success. According to a survey from talent engagement solution provider Sense, and the Talent Board, 36% of respondents said chatbots and conversational AI are the most successful methods of contacting and communicating with candidates

Consistent Movement

In March, Beamery launched TalentGPT, which it called the first generative AI for HR. Its most recent introduction, launched this week, “is just” the company’s latest investment in helping recruiting teams become more efficient, get more done and provide a more personalized candidate experience, it said.

When TalentGPT launched, the company said it would personalize insights and recommendations for each user, and generate content that adapted to changing customer information and requirements. The company also said the product would create better experiences across its platform for managers, recruiters, candidates and employees.

“We are not just incorporating TalentGPT into all of our products – this new technology is enabling us to radically simplify and redesign all of our user experiences,” said Beamery Co-Founder and President Sultan Saidov at the time.

Now, Beamery’s messaging is following a similar path.

“Talent teams are under unprecedented pressure to become more productive and effective with fewer resources than ever before,” Saidov said this week. Beamery’s chatbot and messaging tools can help employers improve their candidate experience, he said,C even while they automate processes to streamline processes like screening, scheduling and candidate engagement.

Image: Beamery

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