HiBob Announces Integrations to Improve Global Payroll Processes

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Workforce platform HiBob and payroll platform Papaya Global formed a partnership to help multinational employers meet the need for compliant HR-integrated payroll solutions.

By connecting HiBob’s HR data to Papaya’s platform, the integration will allow employers to integrate HR, PTO and compensation information. That, in turn, will allow real-time synchronization of data to will help multinationals consolidate and optimize their HR and payroll processes.  

The integration aims to alleviate a “significant time-consuming pain point for businesses,” the companies said. Together, the systems will streamline administration, eliminate manual data entry and help ensure compliance with local tax regulations, labor laws and data privacy requirements.

The partnership “is an example of our commitment to bring payroll, payments and HR together while providing full compliance and transparency throughout the process anywhere in the world,” said Papaya Global CEO Eynat Guez.

Just last week, HiBob announced a partnership with global payroll provider Neeyamo with an eye on providing “the optimum Global Payroll – HRIS amalgamation.” The companies said Neeyamo’s Global Payroll connector will use HiBob’s HRIS data as the sole system and system of record for employee data.  

Growing Market, Growing Needs

It’s been a busy time in the world of global payroll. The HiBob-Papaya announcement comes just a week after Namely and Velocity Global teamed up to offer global payroll support capabilities through Namely’s partner program. That integration will allow customers to access workforce data through a single sign-on, and see all of their supported employees in a single view.

In June, UKG said it will acquire Immedis as the basis for a new product, UKG One View, to help employers consolidate global payroll efforts. One View will leverage the strengths of both organizations to transform the “traditionally fragmented global payroll model,” UKG said.

In March, Papaya Global launched a new Global Payroll Payments solution to help employers  process global payroll and make mass payments to employees, authorities and benefits vendors. The company said the feature would allow for “faster payments” with the help of specific money transfer licenses that the company owns.

Industry vendors say the market for global HR capabilities is expanding as the workforce becomes more borderless in nature and remote and hybrid work models continue to develop. As businesses expand operations into multiple jurisdictions, their need to align payroll schedules and comply with local regulations require more sophisticated technology solutions.

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