UKG Acquires Global Payroll Platform Provider Immedis


UKG will acquire Immedis, a global payroll provider with technology and services operating in more than 160 countries. The acquisition will lead to a new product from UKG to help consolidate global payroll.

Founded in Ireland in 2016, Immedis is now a subsidiary of CluneTech, a group of technology companies that serve global business. With 370 employees worldwide, Immedis has a multinational customer base that spans several industries.

Immedis’s platform is built on what it calls a “perpetual validation engine.” The approach allows for consistent data modeling and reporting, regardless of in-country provider. It also offers payroll managed services in 160 countries and 120 currencies.

After the acquisition is complete, UKG said it will launch a new product, UKG One View. A collaboration between UKG and Immedis, One View will harness the strengths of both organizations to transform the “traditionally fragmented global payroll model.”

UKG said One View will offer: 

  • An AI-powered “perpetual validation” engine and workforce management integration to provide a real-time view across all employees, regardless of country or provider, to identify trends, variances and other insights
  • A hybrid deployment model that can be deployed in weeks, allowing customers to bring other in-country payroll technology and services, minimizing disruptions and accelerating time-to-value
  • Uniform workflow control in a single-pane view that creates one operational standard across countries, simplifies benchmarking and strengthens in-country provider accountability
  • Consistent employee experience for all in an application that supports more than 20 languages with enhanced usability, support and a globally compliant pay slip.

Immedis describes perpetual validation as a module that continuously checks and validates the quality and completeness of data contained within its platform.

“Even in 2023, most companies still lack a single, reliable, and accurate way to understand how much they’re paying employees worldwide,” said Hugo Sarrazin, UKG’s chief product and technology officer. The combination of UKG and Immedis will “ help us reshape and modernize how North American-based global businesses manage their people — and compliance — worldwide.”

In addition, the acquisition will allow UKG to offer fully managed, multi-country payroll service for businesses headquartered in the U.S. and Canada.

The acquisition is expected to be complete within 60 days.

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