4 Learning and Development Technologies and Techniques

4 Learning and Development Technologies

To discover some impactful learning and development technologies, we asked industry experts to share their experiences and recommendations. From the AI-powered SkillBoost Platform to engaging learning experiences through gamification, these co-founders, CMOs and consultants reveal the technologies they’ve used and why they recommend them for your company.

SkillBoost Platform: AI-Powered Learning

One of the most innovative learning and development technologies I have used at my company is the SkillBoost Platform. This platform uses artificial intelligence and personalized learning algorithms to deliver targeted and adaptive training experiences. 

It offers a wide range of interactive modules, simulations and virtual reality experiences that engage employees and enhance their skills. The SkillBoost Platform enables self-paced learning, allowing employees to access training materials anytime, anywhere. Its data-driven insights provide valuable feedback and recommendations for further skill development. 

I recommend this technology because it helps to foster a culture of continuous learning, allow employees to take ownership of their professional growth and ensure that learning and development initiatives align with individual needs and organizational goals.

Samuel Fletcher
Co-Founder, SupplyGem

MasterClass: Explore Industry Trends

Take online classes and seminars on MasterClass. This gives employees the opportunity to explore their field of work along with their own personal interests. This helps understand trends or important concepts in that specific industry. Experts can discuss hot topics or new lessons, which can be leveraged during interviews.

Christy Pyrz
Chief Marketing Officer, Paradigm Peptides

XReality: Immersive Training Simulations

One of the most impactful learning and development technologies we have used at our company is XReality. XReality technology leverages virtual and augmented reality to create educational simulations that provide employees with hands-on experience in a safe and immersive environment. 

This technology has been useful for training employees in high-risk jobs or those that require hands-on practice. XReality has also been effective in onboarding new hires, allowing them to experience our company culture and history in a unique and engaging way. 

Tarun Saha
Co-Founder and CEO, StallionZo

Gamification: Engaging Learning Experience

In the fast-paced world of learning and development, staying ahead with innovative technologies is key to engaging and empowering employees. At NamanHR, we have embraced learning tools like Kahoot! and Gameniar to help employees in their learning experience. 

By incorporating gamification elements into our training programs, we hope to make learning enjoyable while assessing the learners’ comprehension and application of the material. This gamified approach captures the interest of our employees, driving their motivation to learn and perform better.

I highly recommend the use of gamification apps and websites in the learning and development journey. By incorporating gamified elements, we address adult learning principles, capture learners’ attention and foster healthy competition. This enhances knowledge retention and drives a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm among our employees.

Fehmida Merchant
L&D Consultant, Naman Integrated Management Services Private Limited

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