HireRoad Unveils Unified Talent Platform and Insights Module

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Talent acquisition platform HireRoad announced the general availability of HR Onboard, and announced its unified talent acquisition platform, which incorporates capabilities for onboarding, learning management and data-driven insights. The platform is tailored for mid-size organizations, the company said.

HireRoad said the new platform unifies all stages of the hiring journey “to integrate the right talent in the best way feasible.” The platform integrates HireRoad’s suite of products, providing organizations with better intelligence by melding allHR data in one place, and providing up-to-data analytics. The platform includes:

HR Recruit, which helps keep prospects engaged and informed by delivering a unified and timely experience. Users can adapt their approach to the job market’s dynamics and shifting requirements with automated, repeatable processes and tools such as video interviews and built-in digital signatures.

HR Onboard delivers personalized step-by-step onboarding directions from the moment a new employee signs the offer letter. Onboarding paperwork and tools like surveys get immediate feedback from new hires. 

HR Learn helps nurture a culture of learning with its LMS. The system can offer branded and customized instruction through remote, in-person, microlearning or instructor-led training. It also automates compliance training and certifications.

HR Insights simplifies HR analytics by unifying all people-data across systems to uncover insights and help companies meet their goal. HireRoad said mid-sized businesses will benefit from flexible and customizable reporting to allow for shorter time-to-impact. It also securely manages personal information through SOC2 and GDPR compliant software.

In August, HireRoad acquired PeopleInsight, a provider of workforce analytics software that ingests, normalizes and correlates data from any HR system, helping customers to analyze data across all of their HR systems. HireRoad said the acquisition will further enhance its automated talent management platform by both adding advanced data analytics features to the core platform, and allowing customers to pull in data from third-party systems.

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