Talent Sandbox Launches Online Learning Platform

Talent Sandbox

UK-based e-learning company Talent Sandbox launched a online training platform designed for recruitment and talent acquisition professionals. The product combines blended learning, real-world experience, interactive activities and resources to help companies train their talent acquisition and recruiting teams.

The company, founded in 2022, says it’s on a mission to “revolutionize the talent acquisition market.”

The platform provides learning and development opportunities for employees in a various stages of their career, from those who might be new to talent acquisition to seasoned professionals in need of a refresher. It promises “effective” training in the form of short modules that teach budding professionals that lessons that are applicable to the needs of TA and the business holistically, the company said.

Talent Sandbox also aims to make learning “fun and engaging” by offering interactive elements such as quizzes, videos, infographics and animations. On top of that, Talent Sandbox offers guidance throughout the learning process in the form of a team of experts available to answer questions.

The company described the product as being “flexible, expert led micro-learning on an intuitive learning platform.” Such an approach, it said, “results in an increased retention rate of up to 80%, compared with traditional training methods.”  

Upskilling and Reskilling

According to the company, one of the greatest challenges CEOs and businesses currently face is the need to upskill employees – especially in light of recent layoffs and the pressing possibility of a recession. Because of that, Talent Sandbox aims to remove obstacles that the company believes come with other leaning methods.

“I have always believed that knowledge and learning is vital to the success of an employee. But the complexity of training a TA function to operate consistently and efficiently is not easy,” said Talent Sandbox Founder Neil Kelly. “Our goal is to empower TA teams to reach their full potential by providing expert insights, built by TA practitioners, alongside the tools and resources necessary to help TA functions achieve their goals.”

Image: Talent Sandbox

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