HMS Upgrades TimeControl, Eyeing Mobile Workers World-Wide

HMS TimeControl

Time-management solution provider HMS Software released version 7.4.1 of its TimeControl time sheet system that targets medium to large companies with mobile workers.

In its announcement, the company noted that nearly half of the global workforce is expected to be mobile by 2022. With that in mind, HMS integrated new smartphone and tablet features into TimeControl, “enabling users to do much more from their devices than simply collect time,” the company said.

HMS Software noted that nearly half of the global workforce is expected to be mobile by 2022. Thus, its new version of TimeControl. Share on X

HMS President Chris Vandersluis said the release allows users create, view, edit and approve time sheet data, and also perform historical searches from their devices. In addition, TimeControl now offers multifunctional support for time and attendance, time and billing, project tracking, HR tracking and research tax credit tracking.

Specifically, the product now:

  • Supports multiple time sheet periods at once, meaning some parts of an organization can start their time sheets on a Sunday and others on a Monday, for example. Other units can choose bi-weekly, bi-monthly or other length time sheets.
  • Provides additional flexibility in how charge codes are displayed. A new “Hierarchy” view allows the configuration and display of timesheet charges to be selectable for each part of an organization while maintaining a common enterprise view in the background.
  • Offers a modified API that simplifies integration with other corporate systems such as finance, ERP and project management.

Originally released for project management use in 1994, TimeControl has been modified over the years to serve the needs of both finance and project management simultaneously. (Interestingly, the company doesn’t say a lot about HR uses, though many features are obviously meant to address them.) It’s available both as an in-the-cloud subscription service or a purchased on-premise installation.

TimeControl 7.4.1 will be upgraded automatically for TimeControl Online subscription clients. The upgrade is available to existing on-premise clients with a current support and maintenance agreement at no additional charge from the product’s upgrades site, here

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Image: HMS Software

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