HR Tech Conference 2023: The Solutions Shaping HR

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The HR Technology Conference & Exposition kicking off this week will showcase more than 400 HR tech offerings from around the world. This year’s event, which runs from Oct. 10 – Oct. 13, features products and sessions covering generative AI, people analytics, skills and remote work, reflecting the industry’s current priorities.  Here’s a sampling.

Generative AI and Skills Enhancement

Generative AI and skills enhancement technologies take center stage at this year’s conference. Many companies are showing off AI-powered solutions designed to save employees time, bridge skills gaps and empower workers to expand their capabilities. Among them:

360Learning will introduce an AI-powered skills-based learning solution designed to enhance upskilling and reskilling efforts. The tool provides real-time tracking of employees’ skills to help organizations create targeted learning campaigns that feature collaborative learning and expert-led content. will showcase its Skills Architecture module, which helps establish a unified skills language across an organization’s teams. The module helps HR analyze skills data so employers can identify existing skills within their workforce. The product will enable more precise forecasting and a flexible approach to team scaling, the company said.

Monark brings an on-demand leadership optimization and development platform. It provides AI-powered immersive role-playing, allowing leaders to practice and receive unbiased feedback. The platform claims to facilitate faster and more effective behavior change.

Holistic AI’s platform for AI bias audits is designed to help companies ensure adherence to local and national regulations. The platform helps organizations assess and address biases within their AI models, and stay up-to-date on compliance with information on changes to laws and regulations.

Employee Engagement and Well-being

As organizations adapt to an evolving workforce and employee expectations, more engagement and wellbeing products are being created to help attract and retain talent.

Harri presents Harri Engage to help organizations address low engagement in frontline workforces. The product aims to simplify moments of engagement through automation, continuous engagement and sentiment insights, helping leaders predict and prevent turnover.

Klnch will introduce Heads Up, an AI-powered feature on its wellbeing platform. The addition promotes self-advocacy and alerts managers when employees need assistance.’s platform integrates neuroscience and AI to measure employee wellbeing using eye movements and facial recognition points. It offers task analytics that allow users to associate data with their activities and gain insights into their wellbeing.

YuviTal will present an employee wellbeing platform that encompasses four key corporate well-being categories: physical activity, emotional stability, social connectedness and financial responsibility. Combined with incentives and behavioral science techniques, the platform claims to help enhance engagement and facilitate behavior change in employees.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Given the labor market’s current state, recruiting and talent acquisition technology has shown the need for further innovation. From automating administrative tasks to building talent pipelines based on skills and qualifications, solutions providers are focused on saving talent acquisition professionals time and improving key hiring metrics.

Spark Hire expands its offerings to provide a full talent acquisition suite. It includes additions for automating hiring, improving candidate experience and fostering collaboration across TA.

WorkLik features a video-based resume platform that claims to foster “authentic human connections” between job seekers and employers.

Yello will introduce SkillsMatch, a CRM feature that matches early-talent candidates’ skills and qualifications with relevant opportunities. According to the company, SkillsMatch helps build talent pipelines more quickly by recommending candidates for open roles using an intelligent skills taxonomy.

Zeligate will present an interactive AI solution that automates repetitive administrative tasks for recruiters, including generating job listings, evaluating resumes and scheduling interviews.  

The HR Technology Conference takes place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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