HR Tech Solutions Organizations Wish They Had

HR Tech Solutions Organizations Wish They Had

In search of the ultimate HR technology to revolutionize operations, we’ve gathered insights from top executives, including a chief operating officer and a CEO. From the desire for a centralized intranet for efficient collaboration to the need for a holistic performance review management tool, here are three coveted solutions that could transform the HR landscape.

Centralized Intranet for Efficient Collaboration

Amidst the various HR tech solutions catering to centralized talent acquisition management, workforce analytics and performance management, one vital tool I wish to incorporate into our organization is a collaborative and centralized intranet. This platform would serve as an open space for sharing achievements, thoughts and ideas among our team members. It would enable us to upload and categorize documents, such as communication templates, presentations and reports, streamlining accessibility and collaboration.

As a consulting firm heavily focused on content creation and delivery, having a shared intranet would allow us to reference and refine past databases with minimal duplication of effort. Ultimately, serving as a centralized repository, it ensures that our accumulated knowledge and resources are readily available for efficient service delivery.

Darsha Patel
Associate Consultant, NamanHR

Holistic Performance Review Management Tool

One HR technology solution that I wish we had in our organization is a tool that would allow us to better manage performance reviews.

As it stands, performance reviews are often done in a vacuum, with no input from other departments or colleagues. This can lead to problems with employee satisfaction and retention, as well as a lack of accountability for managers and employees.

With the right tools, we could get input from other departments on an employee’s performance and use this information when creating their annual review. This would give us a more holistic view of each employee’s performance and help them improve their skills in areas where they are lacking.

Paul Eidner
Chief Operating Officer, CarnoGel

Assessing Employee Impact Beyond Productivity

Employee positive externality is a measure not of an employee’s productivity per se, but rather of their indirect contribution to the outputs of those around them. It can be a measure for determining the real MVP of your business.

Some people say, “If something’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This can be used to reassess candidates for [a personal improvement plan] who possibly don’t need it, anyway. This way, turnover is further prevented and the good dynamics of the team are maintained.

Derek Capo
Chief Operating Officer,

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