A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring Best-in-Class Talent

A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring Best-in-Class Talent


Ani Sapru
Product Marketing, Gem

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a strong employer brand. Research from Deloitte has validated that a compelling mission and employer brand is the most important factor in attracting high-performing talent.

Gem’s Talent Marketing helps teams attract more high-quality talent into their pipelines, offering a complete suite to help TA teams run a strategic recruitment marketing strategy: from career sites and landing pages to events management, talent communities and branded nurture campaigns.

Putting Talent Acquisition in the Driver’s Seat

Gem’s Ani Sapru

Recruiting teams often face challenges with recruitment marketing due to cumbersome processes and poorly integrated tools. This leads to friction in creating compelling content and presents gaps in candidate data flowing through various systems, ultimately hindering effective brand promotion and accurate ROI measurement.

“With Gem, we’re able to promote our brand and easily connect our talent to what inspires them most … whether it’s events, jobs or our talent community.”

Alcida Litchfield, Senior Talent Marketing & Insights Specialist at Pinterest

No More Chasing Down Marketing or It

As a purpose-built solution for recruiters, Gem makes it easy for TA teams to build, design and promote content on their own. With a user-friendly, no-code interface, teams can effortlessly design career sites, landing pages and campaigns while maintaining consistency in branding elements like imagery, colors, fonts, and style. This enables swift and independent work from TA teams while ensuring alignment with marketing expectations.

“Gem Talent Marketing has transformed how I build talent pipelines. I used to create multiple landing pages and forms for each event, but now I can easily replicate my landing page and use the same form across multiple events. Their automation feature lets me segment my audience using custom questions, creating persona-based lists and revolutionizing my follow-up process with event leads and our talent community.”

Erica Fisher, Senior Recruitment Marketing Events Manager at Twilio

Consolidate Multiple Tools To Do More With Less

Gem Talent Marketing consolidates diverse functionalities, eliminating the need for multiple tools. From employer branding to events management, lead capture, talent nurturing and beyond, Gem centralizes all aspects of recruitment marketing. This all-in-one solution streamlines workflows, enhances cost-effectiveness, and ensures precise tracking of candidate data. Leads, interactions or applicants acquired through talent marketing are automatically captured and tracked, eliminating manual data entry.

“Gem’s Talent Marketing has significantly improved our recruitment event process, enabling us to create an exceptional candidate experience and attract top-tier talent. This tool has played a vital role in optimizing our recruitment event efforts and elevating our talent acquisition strategy.”

Amanda Tarkenton, Recruiting Operations Manager at Vercel

A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring Best-in-Class Talent

Demonstrate ROI and the Impact of Your Strategy

Gem seamlessly integrates candidate data from recruitment marketing and the ATS, providing comprehensive analytics that connects top-of-funnel activities to bottom-of-funnel results. By understanding how your talent marketing efforts contribute to pipeline building and successful hires, you can analyze the effectiveness of different tactics, justify your investment in specific strategies and optimize your recruitment marketing approach with confidence. 

With Gem’s [Talent Marketing], we can track success…the amazing thing about the full-funnel view is that now we’ll have an answer to the question: Did we hire any candidates directly from this event?”

Sr. Recruiting Program Manager at global cloud-based content management system

Get Started With Gem Talent Marketing

  • Control your employer brand without waiting for other teams
  • Consolidate vendors to drive efficient workflows and reduce costs
  • Ensure accurate candidate tracking with all data in one system
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with end-to-end analytics

See how you can attract top-tier job seekers with Gem Talent Marketing today. 

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Ani leads Product Marketing at Gem, where he partners with cross-functional leaders across product, sales, customer success, and operations to bring new products to market. Before Gem, Ani drove new product launches at SmartRecruiters where he first discovered his enthusiasm for the HR Tech space. Based in New York, Ani enjoys exploring the city’s culinary scene, riding his bike, and witnessing the sights. Ani graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and holds a B.S in Bioengineering.

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