iCIMS Acquisition Expands World Footprint, Adds Interviews, Assessments

Global Network

iCIMS has tripled its footprint overseas and expanded its capabilities in video interviews and digital assessments by acquiring EASYRECRUE, a Paris-based company with some 100 EMEA employees and 450 customers.

EASYRECRUE’s platform helps employers improve the user experience for both candidates and employees in support of recruiting and talent mobility efforts. iCIMS CEO Steve Lucas said the acquisition will “empower our customers to better identify, recruit, and invest in top talent.”

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Just last month, iCIMS consolidated its products into a single platform and relaunched itself as the iCIMS Talent Cloud, a “a unified, AI-powered platform” that helps employers attract, engage, hire and advance employees. The company’s goal was to simplify how users perceive and access its solutions.

At the same time, it nodded to customer needs and expanded its reach into the world of internal mobility with the launch of a module called Advance. In an interview, CTO Al Smith said 20% of iCIMS customers use its technology to facilitate internal career advancement. The company realized, he said, that it had “a wealth of tools that we apply when you’re external but don’t apply when you’re internal.”

Busy Year for iCIMS

With the latest acquisition, iCIMS gains live and on-demand video interview tools, scheduling capabilities and customizable assessments, all of which will be integrated into Talent Cloud. Meanwhile, EASYRECRUE’s customers will be able to tap into Talent Cloud’s features. 

EASYCRUE’s Talent Experience Platform also offers a chatbot, language assessments and career management solution. Its customers include SANOFI, PwC, UPS and McDonald’s. The company’s partners include Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Saba, Talentsoft and Taleo.

The acquisition isn’t the first European deal completed by iCIMS this year. In May, the company acquired Opening.io, a data science firm based in Ireland that applies AI to talent acquisition. Using the company’s technology, iCIMS launched its Talent Logic product.

Talent Logic pairs Opening.io’s AI with iCIMS’ multi-billion set of hiring data points. It’s meant to help HR, recruiters and hiring managers identify, connect with and hire candidates with increased speed and efficiency, iCIMS said.

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