iCIMS Launches Marketplace to Aid Internal Mobility

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iCIMS unveiled its Internal Opportunity Marketplace, a module that connects employees to internal job opportunities, and helps them build a long-term career within their company. The solution is designed to help talent professionals improve internal talent mobility programs and agile talent deployment, the company said.

The solution is designed to remove the complexities often embedded in talent advancement to help improve an organization’s retention and reduce the potential cost of turnover. Essentially, iCIMS has taken its candidate experience and applied it to the employee experience, then added capabilities to improve retention and reduce “mobility friction.”

iCIMS' new Internal Opportunity Marketplace connects employees to internal job opportunities, and helps them build a long-term career within their company. #HR #HRTech Share on X

New capabilities within the Opportunity Marketplace for employees will include:

  • Opportunity insight from employee-generated video that provides a look at opportunities and team culture.
  • Better employee engagement with iCIMS Digital Assistant, which will automatically engage employees for potential opportunities and skill development.
  • Employee control over career paths and journeys with skills and opportunity management.

For hiring managers and talent teams experiences:

  • Skills-based employee-opportunity matching to automatically identify ideal internal candidates for new opportunities, reducing manual efforts. 
  • Greater visibility into employee skills.
  • Improved insight and support for organizational DEI initiatives.

“With job openings up nearly 80% and job applications only up 5% since the beginning of the year, employers are feeling the impact of the most significant restructuring, redistribution and rehire of labor in history,” said ICIMS Vice President of Portfolio Marketing Mark Brandau. “In this unusual labor market environment, employees have many options, making it crucial for talent leaders to stay connected to current employees and prioritize employee experience.”  

In research presented by iCIMS, Deloitte reported that 49% of employers lack the processes they need to identify and move employees into different positions within the organization. Research from IDC’s 2020 Annual Talent Acquisition Buyer Survey found that 57% of buyers view internal mobility and talent marketplace solutions as a high priority investment for 2021.

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