Degreed Meets Learners ‘Where They Are,’ in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Learning platform Degreed launched for users of Microsoft Teams. The solution’s app is now available in the Microsoft Teams app marketplace. The company said its app “will enable workers to engage with personalized learning opportunities and develop their skills within the Microsoft Teams communication tool they use every day.”

Put another way, the app delivers content in the flow of work, an increasingly popular tactic for providers who see advantages to knitting their products into existing workflows. Learning companies, in particular, believe integrating their products and content into the flow of work is both effective and practical for most any type of employee.

Degreed Meets Learners ‘Where They Are:' Its app is now available in the Microsoft Teams app marketplace. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Nearly 20% of Degreed clients opted into a pre-release pilot of the Teams app, Degreed said. Early feedback said the app increased workforce engagement by making learning content more accessible in day-to-day work, and kept skills development top-of-mind.

The app’s key features include: 

  • Assignments: Learners can access all of their assignments, regardless of whether they’re, upcoming or overdue.
  • Shared: Learners can view learning items that others in their organization have shared, and also share their own content.
  • Saved: Learners can review any saved learning items, including any saved from the Degreed Mobile App and the Degreed Web App.  
  • Pathways: Learners can access all of their Pathways, which are guided learning paths of content that track progress).
  • Plans: Learners can see all of their learning Plans, collections of related Skills, Pathways, Groups, People and learning content.

Degreed CEO Chris McCarthy said the company’s involvement with teams will bring the platform to “where the learners are.” And there’s a lot of users. In July, the software giant reported 200 million active monthly users in Teams, up from 145 million daily active users in April. (Microsoft modified its usage reporting between April and October.)

““Increasingly, we are seeing Teams as a browser for work apps and we look forward to continuing to partner with Microsoft to bring learning to the forefront of work today,” McCarthy added.

In September Degreed and Visier began collaborating to provide a solution to help L&D teams and their stakeholders understand and visualize their organization’s skills and capabilities. The idea is to help them make more data-based decisions about their upskilling initiatives.

Image: Microsoft

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