Degreed, Visier Join to Provide Skills Data to Help L&D

Dynamic Skills

Degreed and Visier have partnered to deliver insights on workforce skills and anticipated future needs. The companies said that, beginning in the fourth quarter, Visier’s analytics engine will be embedded in a new, optional offering inside Degreed’s learning platform.

Degreed and Visier are collaborating to provide a simple solution to help L&D teams and their stakeholders understand and visualize their organization’s skills and capabilities so they can make more data-based decisions about their upskilling initiatives.

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It’s certainly a safe bet that skills information will remain valuable. Degreed and Visier said companies that can quantify the gap between skills they have and those they need are nearly two times more likely to succeed in transformation efforts. However, a lack of insight into workforce skills gets in the way of over half (53%) of workforce transformations. One reason: over 45% of talent leaders say they don’t have the technology to assess and track their workforce’s skills.

Without skills data, “learning, talent and HR leaders are working blind,” said Rob Wellington, Degreed’s director of experience partnerships. The partnership with Visier “will bring much-needed clarity on skill data.” 

‘Real-Time Picture’ of Skills

Visier Chief Strategy Officer Dave Weisbeck said the partnership with “a real-time and complete picture of what skills are in demand, where skills exist in an organization and what skill development to prioritize to meet coming business needs.”

In August, Visier launched a new set of purpose-built solutions and planning tools; pre-built questions, analytics models and best practices targeted to a specific issue; and implementation and support services. Retention Focus is a managed service that provides an early warning system for retention risks, and identifies specific drivers of employee turnover and offering tools for heading off employee exits.

During the first quarter, Degreed partnered  with Pluralsight to help joint customers better measure and track technology-upskilling efforts within Degreed. With the integration, Pluralsight’s Skill IQs appear on Degreed Skill cards, helping managers to track skill levels and compare them to existing job descriptions or career opportunities. In addition, the integration included features to help leaders track skills and direct users to take new Skill IQs inside Pluralsight Skills.

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