New Hired Tool Focuses on Diversity in Technology


Hired launched a new sourcing tool, Diversity Goals, that’s designed to provide employers of all sizes with a streamlined process for sourcing and engaging underrepresented technology candidates.

The product identifies DEI candidates using EEOC practices and can address both on-site and remote needs. In addition, Hired said, Diversity Goals lets employers optimize their appeal toward underrepresented talent, gain market metrics to better inform their hiring practices, and ultimately advance diversity, equity and inclusion across the entire organization.

Hired launched a tool designed to provide companies with a simplified process for sourcing and engaging underrepresented candidates. @Hired_HQ #HR #HRTech Share on X

Diversity Goals complements Hired’s existing DEI features, such as customized assessments and bias reduction functionalities.

‘More Equitable Sourcing’

Hired CEO Josh Brenner said Diversity Goals provides a “more equitable sourcing approach.” A recent report by the company on wage inequality found that discrimination remains prevalent in the workplace, with underrepresented tech talent both anticipating and receiving wages that are lower than that of their white, male peers, he said. He called Diversity Goals “one of the many steps needed to bring equity to tech.”

Diversity Goals relies on self-reported information provided directly from candidates through a voluntary survey. There’s no AI pass to infer a candidate’s personal demographics. This self-reported data has already helped identify thousands of underrepresented candidates, Hired said.

Hired was acquired by job-matching platform Vettery in November 2020. At the time, the companies said they combine to position themselves as a talent marketplace for technology, marketing, sales and finance roles.

Vettery itself was taken over by Adecco Group in 2018. In May 2021, Hired absorbed Vettery, according to media reports.

HR technology vendors are trying a variety of approaches to boosting the DEI efforts of employers. For example, Glassdoor launched new features geared toward helping companies showcase the results of their diversity and inclusion efforts. Around the same time, Workday announced new products to help employers develop and implement effective DEI initiatives.  

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