iCIMS Offers New Experience For Opportunity Marketplace

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iCIMS revamped the experience of Opportunity Marketplace as part of its winter release, and opened it up to help talent teams reengage with, retain and advance employees.

Introduced in late 2021, the Opportunity Marketplace was introduced as a connection between employees and internal job opportunities. At the time, iCIMS said the product was designed to help talent professionals improve internal mobility programs and agile talent deployment.

.@iCIMS revamped the experience of Opportunity Marketplace, and opened it up to help talent teams reengage with, retain and advance employees. #HR #HRTech Share on X

“Although there have been record levels of resignation, talent is not ‘resigned’ from the labor market. People are leaving their current roles for new opportunities,” said Mark Brandau, iCIMS vice president, portfolio marketing. “People are upgrading their jobs, and organizations must upgrade their talent strategy and technology to remain competitive and retain talent.”

New Features

As part of the release, iCIMS also introduced or enhanced a number of features, such as:

  • Connect with internal and external talent with AI-powered capabilities. iCIMS uses native technology that can be leveraged across its Talent Cloud to simplify, accelerate and inform hiring and talent mobility processes. Its job matching and digital assistant capabilities connect people with right jobs using ensemble stacking – which creates multiple models and combines them to improve results – to improve accuracy and reduce bias.
  • Transform how organizations reengage and retain talent. The Opportunity Marketplace makes it easier for employees to manage their skills within their talent profile and discuss career development opportunities with a digital assistant.
  • Create innovative, hyper-personalized Employers can convert more talent with dynamic video content, which can be shared across various channels throughout the talent journey. Enhanced email marketing automation helps employers send relevant content to reduce candidate ghosting and nurture in-demand talent.

iCIMS has previously said the Opportunity Marketplace was designed to remove the complexities often embedded in talent advancement. Essentially, the company took its candidate experience and applied it to the employee experience, then added capabilities to improve retention and reduce “mobility friction.”

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