iCIMS Unveils CXM Solution to Personalize, Automate Candidate Experiences

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iCIMS showed off a new version of candidate relationship management software at this year’s INSPIRE conference.

The company is trying to address situations where candidates expect an improved experience but recruitment teams don’t have ways to deliver them at scale. iCIMS said its new Candidate Experience Management (CXM) package will allow recruiters to leverage marketing technology to nurture and convert candidates through a combination of campaign logic, engagement scoring and candidate-fit analysis.

“Recruiters today must go beyond relationship management and evolve to become experience creators and builders,” said iCIMS CEO Brian Provost. “We’re bringing a new standard to recruitment marketing by enabling organizations to execute continuous, hyper-personalized talent journeys.”  

iCIMS CXM combines the pipeline building capabilities of iCIMS CRM with the automation and lead scoring abilities of iCIMS Marketing Automation. The company said it will enable recruiters to build, personalize and automate candidate experiences with little human intervention. In addition, CXM will source candidates who are most interested and most qualified.

What it Does

iCIMS’ said its solution is designed to help talent teams:

  • Build automated and adaptive recruitment marketing campaigns that simplify candidate nurturing. iCIMS CXM offers an automated approach to changing talent attraction needs and boosting ROI with tailored, conditional campaigns.
  • Optimize budgets by building pools of qualified candidates without spending additional sourcing dollars to re-acquire or find new candidates. Teams can segment and connect with candidates based on engagement score, skills and experience and identify talent they’ve already sourced.
  • Refresh stale pipelines with event management and external sourcing tools. Recruiters can send tailored, one-to-one event invitations to existing talent and upload candidates’ profiles with the iCIMS Sourcing Browser Extension.
  • Convert passive candidates into applicants with hyper-personalized, multi-channel content. Combining iCIMS CXM with the capabilities of the company’s top-of-the-funnel iCIMS Talent Cloud solutions, teams can connect with candidates via chatbot, landing pages, career sites, text, emails and events. Recruiters can also provide journeys customized to the candidates’ interests, preferences and stage of their job search.

General availability for the CXM is planned for sometime in 2024.

In November, iCIMS added new features to its Talent Cloud in an effort to help talent teams get better intelligence, take advantage of more automation and prod existing employees to design their next career opportunity internally. At the time, iCIMS said the new features would allow HR teams to create a consistent candidate experience and reduce application drop-off.

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