iCIMS Updates Talent Cloud With Data, Automation, Integration

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iCIMS added new features to its Talent Cloud in an effort to help talent teams gain talent intelligence, automate more tasks and prod existing employees to design their next career opportunity internally. 

In addition, the bulked up platform is designed to simplify talent acquisition processes. Going forward, the platform will include a framework for job applications and a 360-degree view of candidates and jobs.

.@iCIMS' new release aims to help talent teams find talent intelligence, automate more tasks and prod employees to design their next career opportunity internally. #HR #HRTech Share on X

The company hopes these changes will “deliver unified data, automation and integration across the iCIMS Talent Cloud.”

According to iCIMS, the new features will allow HR teams to create a consistent candidate experience and reduce application drop-off. In addition, iCIMS customers will be able to control how job applications look across participating job boards with the iCIMS Apply Builder.

Changes to the platform also include a new job dashboard that pulls data from iCIMS software as well as job advertising and third-party HCM solutions. That should help HR teams gain insight into how their job openings are performing, iCIMS said.

“Many employers are desperate to hire talent amid continued labor shortages, yet [they’re] simultaneously taking steps to slow down hiring, making retention a competing priority,” observed Al Smith, iCIMS’ chief technology officer.

​As part of the release, iCIMS expanded its existing analytics package, with new capabilities, including predictive features. 

Moving Forward

iCIMS also announced customer experience enhancements to provide support to its users worldwide. The enhancements include:

  • In-product enablement to help customers learn and achieve better results when using iCIMS technology.
  • A member program that allows customers to network, learn and build skills.
  • Talent and market insights to help with the creation of talent strategies.
  • Digitized customer training and support.

Last month, iCIMS acquired SkillSurvey, a talent intelligence platform that offers skills verification and digital reference checking. Together, the companies said they will help businesses attract, engage, hire and advance talent. At the time, iCIMS CEO Steve Lucas said Talent Cloud and SkillSurvey would help employers automate the assessment and verification of candidate skills, reducing both the time and cost of traditional reference checking.

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