isolved Enhancements Take Aim at SMB Experience Demands

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Employees continue to demand a certain level of experiences along with tools to help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. So, isolved plans to incorporate AI features into People Cloud in order to support SMBs as they increasingly look to leverage AI-based tools for their business.

Research by isolved found that two-thirds of full time U.S. workers believe AI tools will improve their employee experience. In fact, isolved said the No. 1 reason employees want access to AI is to make them more productive. Advanced technology doesn’t seem to scare them, either. About half have already tried out ChatGPT, and 71% are willing to use similar technologies at work.

“Both small- and medium-sized businesses are hungry to realize the benefits and competitive advantage AI tools can offer,” said James Norwood, isolved’s chief strategy officer. “Our job is to continue embedding the immense business value of AI into isolved People Cloud to bring this powerful and far-reaching technology to organizations of any size to make their lives, and the lives of their employees, easier.”

What’s the Roadmap Look Like?

Isolved’s AI-based offerings and planned roadmap include:

  • Findability in the Flow of Work extends isolved’s Conversational Virtual Assistant, which offers HR information and analysis whenever employees need it. The function offers a Siri-like natural language processing chatbot for collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams. The company’s roadmap embeds Conversational Virtual Assistant directly into People Cloud, making it accessible from web and mobile devices. 
  • Always-On HR provides 24/7/365 automated responses to frequently asked questions from employee handbooks to reduce the time HR, benefit and payroll practitioners spend answering repetitive questions. Recent survey data indicates almost 42% of decision-making HR practitioners devote 4-10 hours a day answering such questions. Interestingly, 48% of FTEs believe AI-based tools will improve their employee experience, isolved said. Two-thirds say they’d look favorably on employers who offer such tools. Additionally, 48% want AI to provide auto responses to FAQs.
  • Zero-Error Payroll: The roadmap includes isolved Perfect Payroll, which is designed to help payroll administrators quickly catch errors, resulting in improved accuracy, compliance and time savings. Such KPIs will also be available on a planned ROI dashboard which will allow customers to see the impact of payroll, benefit and experience enhancements.
  • 1:1 EX: A personalization engine similar to those commonly used in e-commerce experiences, such as recently viewed items, suggested products and popular products. isolved said this will automatically create 1:1 pathways for employees and intelligently match them to L&D content based on their career path and current performance.
  • Recruiting Automation will speed up job-description authoring using a type of large language model found in tools like ChatGPT. The company expects to better identify and match candidate profiles against job requirements using data that includes job titles, skills, experience and education.
  • Analytics Everywhere will expand isolved benchmarking insights, leveraging the aggregate data of the more than 6 million employees on People Cloud. With NLP-based isolved Predictive People Analytics – which includes data on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging – this will help improve predictability and performance, isolved said.

isolved said it will also expand its AI Ethics policy. The company’s research found only 33% of organizations have a formal code.

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