IT Leaders Lag in Tracking Digital Employee Experience

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Employees and IT departments hold different views on the effectiveness of service desks, something to consider as organizations examine the overall employee experience and look for clues as to how they can improve their approach to HR services, even when separate teams are involved.

A survey by Nexthink, which provides software to help manage digital experiences, found that just more than a third of technology executives, 34%, collect experience information manually and 46% don’t measure the digital experience at all. That comes despite the fact 96% believe digital experience is an essential part of IT’s job.

IT managers spotlight digital experience as a big part of their job, but relatively few of them collect data on what employees think. #HR #HRTech Share on X

In addition, technology leaders aren’t all that confident in their ability to measure the impact of technical change. While 56% believed they could get an accurate sense of how rollouts affect remote workers, only 11% are confident they have insight into experience-related to change, and only 6% are confident about insight into business services deployment. All in all, Nexthink said, tech leaders are less confident than they were earlier this year in their ability to properly deploy new applications and IT services.

Seventy percent of technology leaders said their ticket and call volumes spiked since the Covid-19 pandemic began,  some by as much as 50%. The top problems employees faced involved VPNs, poor video calls and problematic Wi-Fi connections. None of which directly impact HR, obviously, but all affect the basic experience of work.

“Since the start of forced remote work in March, IT has been thrust into unfamiliar territory,” said Nexthink Chief Strategy Officer Yassine Zaied. “The delta between success and failure lies in the understanding of the employees experience—if end-user computing teams don’t have insight into what employees are experiencing, they cannot effectively do their job.”

Gartner has reported that 64% of HR executives now give employee experience a higher priority than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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