Jobvite Bulks Up Data Science Team With Purchase of Analytics Firm

Employee Data

Jobvite acquired the AI and data science team of Predictive Partner, a business-focused data firm based in Indianapolis. Morgan Llewellyn, Predictive Partner’s CEO, will become Jobvite’s chief data scientist.

Jobvite CEO Aman Brar said adding data-focused talent is all about increasing the sophistication of the company’s Talent Acquisition Suite. “By weaving native AI into all aspects of our software,” he said, the company will “deliver the future of smart automation, intelligent messaging, candidate matching and data-driven hiring decisions.”

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Previously, Jobvite had used Predictive Partner as an “outsourced data science team.” In a case study posted on the consulting firm’s website, Jobvite Vice President of Analytics and Machine Learning Zach Linder said the company liked Predictive Partner’s “drive to get actionable data into a production environment.”

Under Llewellyn, Jobvite’s team will apply AI to automation, predictive analytics, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition, the company said.

Llewellyn believes that AI and analytics are often treated as “bolt-on features within a specific offering.” Following that path neglects the realities associated with how different workflows can be interrelated. “The future of AI in talent acquisition rests in a unified approach that learns across the entire candidate journey from prospect to employee,” he said.

By using such an approach, Llewellyn expects Jobvite to offer more transparency and automation, an improved candidate experience and be able to more effectively mitigate bias.

Scoring and Matching Tools

Meanwhile, Jobvite launched new capabilities for candidate engagement scoring and candidate matching.

Enhanced candidate engagement is designed to help talent acquisition teams better gauge candidate interest through “at-a-glance” metrics for every candidate. Jobvite’s intelligent candidate matching will allow recruiters to scale their efforts by reducing the time it takes to identify those qualified from large volumes of candidates.

In January, Jobvite revised its products’ algorithms to improve search results and speed the job-search process for both recruiters and candidates. The company’s strategy incorporated algorithms and data sources that reflected customers’ hiring preferences as well as those of individual recruiters.

The algorithms were designed to work across all industries, positions and recruiter preferences, and were scheduled to be incorporated into Jobvite’s suite beginning this year.  

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