Lattice Debuts New OKR & Goals Products to Engage Employees

Lattice Goals

Lattice launched a new objectives and key results and goals product to help organizations better align their visions with those of their employees.

The company said the product is designed to help companies consistently set and manage goals and activate teams in a way that keeps them aligned and, hopefully, on track for success.

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The importance of transparency and operational efficiency throughout an organization has never been more important, Lattice believes, as companies struggle to align and engage employees in the new world of work, with its heavy emphasis on remote and hybrid workforces.

By going beyond surface-level mission statements, OKR and Goals offers a tangible way for everyone in the organization to understand its “north star” and act on it at the department, team and individual level.

“By integrating objectives and goals into daily conversations across the organization, employees have more transparency to how they can directly impact the business and are better able to directly connect their work to the company’s overall mission and vision,” explained Lattice CEO Jack Altman.  

Staying Top of Mind

Lattice OKR and Goals helps organizations keep their priorities top-of-mind by incorporating them into employees’ daily routines and conversations such as one-on-ones with managers, weekly updates and other areas in order to continuously guide work.

In addition to being integrated across Lattice’s platform, OKR and Goals can be tied to productivity software tools including Salesforce, JIRA, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

“Beyond business growth, Lattice OKR and Goals are meant to accelerate employee performance by connecting personal and team objectives to larger company initiatives and focuses,” said Dave Carhart, Lattice’s vice president of people. “When done right, goal-setting can align all employees around a shared vision.”

In January, less than 10 months after the company closed a $60 million Series E round, Lattice announced a Series F round of $175 million. The investment raised the company’s valuation to some $3 billion.

Image: Lattice

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