Learning Pool’s New Tool Uses AI to Simulate Workplace Conversations

Work Conversation

Learning Pool partnered with the performance management company Mind Tools to launch AI Conversations. Using OpenAI’s GPT4, the product allows employees to practice difficult workplace conversations by interacting with an AI-generated character.

AI Conversations crafts scenarios based on relevant business situations and generates possible responses to user inputs. The responses can be tailored to fit any combination of character attributes, including the industry, mood, role and tenure at an organization.

In addition, the product provides both two-way audio and text-based options. Companies can pull from a range of off-the-shelf scenarios, including managing poor performance, getting projects back on schedule and delegating tasks. As an alternative, they can create custom scenarios that are tailored to meet individual needs.

The result, Learning Pool said, is a realistic, improvised exchange that includes all the dynamics that come with challenging workplace conversations.

Optimizing Workplace Interactions

AI Conversations provides users with “convincing, conversational responses, but also detailed, personalized feedback to help them improve their communication and management skills,” the company said. That, it continued, can help bridge the communication gaps between managers and their teams.

“Workplace conversations are complex and often high-stakes,” said Learning Pool CEO Ben Betts. “This capability introduces the power of generative AI to workplace learning and better enables the kind of workplace where we all want to work – one with managers that offer clear and productive feedback.” 

AI Conversations is launching into an unsettled market. For all of the buzz surrounding AI-based tools, employees don’t want AI to take over their learning activities, according to a recent survey by Wiley. More than half of Wiley’s respondents – around 59% — said they preferred having a human instructor in charge, as opposed to the mere 7% that preferred AI.

Despite that, Paychex’s 2023 Pulse of HR Report predicts a continued reliance on technology, such as AI, to enhance upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

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