LinkedIn Adds Features to Job Search, Improved Accessibility

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LinkedIn introduced new features to its platform, including updates to Job Search, as well as improved accessibility, post scheduling and content analytics.

Most notable are changes to LinkedIn’s job search function, said Search Engine Journal. Many workers are looking through job postings more casually, and on a more regular basis, LinkedIn said. Plus, recent changes in the workforce and labor market, have made employees more open to new opportunities, even if they are not actively looking. Its users are looking into jobs that “fit better with their values and preferences,” said LinkedIn, such as those incorporating upskilling and career growth, flexible schedules and work-life balance.

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LinkedIn is also testing personalized “job collections” to help casual candidates discover roles without having to search. Now being tested in the U.S., this new feature will start by serving a small number of businesses from a few industries. The company has plans for expanding the collections at a later time.

In addition, LinkedIn updated job titles for accessibility roles, standardizing them to help people be discovered and identify opportunities that match their skillset.

Other Additions

Outside of job search and titles, LinkedIn has promised broader changes to its platform to aid in usability. The first improves accessibility with the addition of auto-generated captions for videos and a high-contrast mode for users with hearing or visual impairments. Similarly, the company added a way for advertisers to add alt-text descriptions to images in their ads to aid the visually impaired.

Separately, a wave of layoffs in technology and media has boosted LinkedIn’s traffic as affected workers turn to the site for help, CNN said. “Suddenly, the normally staid professional network has become both a vital lifeline for recently laid off workers and a surprisingly lively social platform,” the network observed.

In November, LinkedIn added internal mobility tools to its suite of recruitment solutions. The company’s goal is to use the new tools to help employers identify candidates for open jobs within their own workforce, while also aligning employees with positions at the organization that will further their long-term career goals.

In addition, the solutions included capabilities to aid career development for employees, enhanced personalization on LinkedIn Learning Hub and tools for skills evaluation and career pathing.

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