LinkedIn Adds Tools for Internal Sourcing

LinkedIn Adds Tools for Internal Sourcing

LinkedIn added internal mobility tools to its suite of recruitment solutions. With the new tools, the company’s goal is to help employers identify candidates for open jobs within their own workforce, while also aligning employees with positions at their organization that will further their long-term career goals.

In addition, the solutions include capabilities to aid career development for employees, enhanced personalization on LinkedIn Learning Hub and tools for skills evaluation and career pathing.

“To maximize the full potential of their workforce, employers are taking a closer look at sourcing open roles internally,” said LinkedIn Vice President of Product Hari Srinivasan in a recent blog post. “25% of recruiters at our largest customers are already using tools on LinkedIn to support internal hiring.”

In order to aid in this process, Srinivasan reported that the company is “making it easier for talent leaders to foster a culture of internal hiring and career development by launching new features across the LinkedIn hiring and learning products they already use.”

Aiding Employers and Employees

According to the website Tech Report, LinkedIn has introduced a “Spotlight” to identify and highlight the benefits of hiring internal candidates. The feature will work with conventional criteria to encourage consideration of internal candidates who match the criteria of a job posting.

The network’s new learning tools allow employees to specify their goals and receive customized learning recommendations, based on them. Individuals can also assess their proficiencies with evaluations across 42 hard and soft skills.

Furthermore, the introduction of “role guides” simplify career pathing by offering resources such as relevant content, communities, pre-certifications and more. This will help workers better understand the skills necessary for a specific role. 

LinkedIn also launched changes to help employers identify and hire matching employees. A new commitments feature added to company pages allow employers to call attention to specific commitments they’ve made in DEI, environmental sustainability, social impact, career growth and learning and work-life balance.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn partnered with IBM, Meta, Oracle and other platforms to expand its professional certification offering. With the partnerships, learners can directly build skills from providers and include their certifications on their LinkedIn profile.

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