LinkedIn, Monster Add Video Recruiting Partnerships

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Linked and Monster have added video interviewing capabilities through partnerships with OutMatch and Brightcove, respectively.

LinkedIn made available OutMatch’s video tools, originally developed by Wepow, through the Talent Hub marketplace. Outmatch acquired Wepow in Janaury and integrated its tools into the OutMatch assessment platform in September. Wepow uses live and pre-recorded video interviews and offers recruiting-focused features such as recruitment funnel metrics.

“Partnering with OutMatch helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience,” said Lee Womer, LinkedIn’s senior director of business development. OutMatch CEO Greg Moran said the integration “is the perfect opportunity for companies to discover talent within the world’s largest talent network.”

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Monster Likes Video

Meanwhile, Monster selected Brightcove as its “partner of choice” to power a new Monster Studios mobile video app. The app, which launched earlier this year, enables talent acquisition and HR teams to record, edit and publish video job descriptions from their smartphone.

The company’s a big believer in video as a recruiting tool. In May, CEO Scott Gutz told the HCM Technology Report that videos are more effective at keeping a candidate’s attention than simple text. “We know that if there’s video, there’s a likelihood that people will spend more time actually thinking about that particular video,” he said.

Monster said that since Monster Studios launched in May, candidates have viewed 58 percent of the videos created by recruiters. Monster Studios, Gutz said, the tool’s value lies in giving hiring managers the ability to say, “I’m Scott, I work at this company. I’ve got 20 people in my group and we’re looking for software developers with these types of skills.” Meanwhile, team members can be waving in the background “saying this is a great place to work.”

Shawne Robinson, Monster’s head of product for mobile apps, ties video into the candidate experience. “In a competitive market, posting long, text-heavy job descriptions won’t encourage qualified candidates to apply to your jobs,” he said.

A number of reports show that a majority of U.S. employers use some sort of video technology or another in their recruiting efforts. At the same time, however, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers would prefer to have their job interviews conducted in person.

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