LinkedIn Talent Hub Adds Interviewing, Screening Partners


While Microsoft prepares to incorporate LinkedIn Talent Hub into Dynamics 365, the social network keeps adding partnerships. The latest are designed to strengthen its interviewing and background check capabilities.

In December, Microsoft announced plans to replace the Dynamics 365 Talent Attract and Talent Onboard apps with Talent Hub. At the same time, it will rename the suite’s HR capabilities as Dynamics 365 Human Resources. The changes will occur in February.

While @Microsoft prepares to incorporate @LinkedIn Talent Hub into Dynamics 365, the social network keeps adding partnerships. #HRTech #HR Share on X

The company said the revamped Dynamics 365 tools will provide workforce insights across compensation, benefits, leave and absence, compliance, payroll integrations, performance management, training and certification, and self-service programs.    

“With LinkedIn solutions to attract, hire, and develop talent and with Dynamics 365 Human Resources to optimize HR programs and enable workforce insights, Microsoft can continue helping business leaders digitally transform HR practices and build winning teams where people can thrive,” the company said.

More Recruiting Tools

That’s all good news for First Advantage and recruiting platform Talview, the latest Talent Hub partners.

LinkedIn will integrate Talview’s Instahiring Experience platform with Talent Hub. Talview automates routine recruiting tasks, offers anytime interviewing and assessment capabilities, and captures and reuses data from across the hiring process.

The platform’s technology includes natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision and video analytics. The company said its live interviewing capabilities will allow Talent Hub users to assess coding, writing, speaking and soft skills, as well as verify candidate authenticity through secure proctoring.

Talview’s not the only video-recruiting option available on Talent Hub. In December 2019, LinkedIn began offering video interviewing tools from Outmatch through the Talent Hub marketplace. Developed by Wepow, the tools use live and pre-recorded video interviews and offer recruiting-focused features such as recruitment funnel metrics.

Talent Hub Screening Options

Meanwhile, First Advantage said it, too, has partnered with LinkedIn to offer streamlined, screening and monitoring tools.

“First Advantage’s broad range of screening solutions fit seamlessly within the holistic approach to hiring provided by LinkedIn Talent Hub,” said Joe Jaeger, First Advantage’s chief revenue officer. The integration, he said, will allow businesses “to make informed hiring decisions quickly and easily.”

First Advantage joins other providers, including EBI and Sterling, as Talent Hub partners. integrations, customers will be able to sign on through LinkedIn to request background checks, track their status and receive completed final reports.

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