Mending the Shattered Promises of HR Technology

HR Tech solutions make a lot of promises but typically fail to deliver. In fact, industry experts say that nearly half of HR Tech projects fail after two years.

But why? 

First and foremost is, we have disconnected, complex systems and typically lack a comprehensive, holistic view of the problems we need to address.

You have an HRIS (or multiple), equity systems, benefit administration systems, a compensation planning system, a global mobility system, and so on.

Each of these systems are disconnected and complex and lead to information silos.

These project failures don’t have to happen.

We can take a lesson from other departments in the organization.

Finance, Sales, and Marketing departments typically have a data aggregation system. These systems help maintain a current investment in core solutions by pulling data across various disconnected systems into one.

During this one hour session, learn from industry expert Steve Brink on the four reasons why your HR Technology projects fail – and how your organization can succeed instead.

Discussion Points Include:

  • What to consider during the vendor selection and assessment process (thinking long-term)
  • How to reach your objective during the implementation process, and why this often fails
  • The steps you can take to avoid project failure
  • How to use this data to boost employee engagement and personalization

Watch the on-demand session now!

Presented by Steve Brink

President and Chief Revenue Officer at uFlexReward

With his unique experience, Steve serves as one of the subject matter experts in HR, specifically in the area of Total Rewards. Steve has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. in Economics from the University of North Texas. LinkedIn

About uFlexReward

uFlexReward is the world’s first digital global total reward platform, combining multiple total reward data silos into one real-time “always on” platform.

The platform facilitates agile transformation in Reward and HR by quickly providing a continuous, drill-able database into any organization’s largest spend – people.

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