Mitratech Acquires Circa, Trakstar to Boost Compliance

Global Recruiting

Legal, compliance and HR software provider Mitratech acquired two companies, Circa and Trakstar. Circa provides Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and DEI software with the aim of helping organizations change how they approach talent acquisition and management. Trakstar is a talent acquisition management platform providing data-backed tools to give insight into the employee lifecycle.

Founded in 1987, Mitratech serves companies across 160 countries with the goal of helping [them to maximize their productivity, control expense and mitigate risk.

The company said the acquisitions brings DEI, OFCCP compliance, workforce analytics and performance management into its suite of HR and talent strategy products, as well as helping Mitratech customers to safeguard business continuity and elevate their talent management strategies. 

Insights into the Employee Lifecycle

On top of that, according to Mitratech, these acquisitions further the company’s vision to help organizations with “deliver end-to-end employee experiences from the time a candidate accesses a job posting through their hiring, onboarding and continued growth and development.”

“Having the ability to intentionally source and recruit underrepresented individuals, as well as analyze and report on labor and compensation data, is critical in today’s job market and fundamental to organization’s retention strategies,” said Mitratech CEO Mike Williams. Layer in the workforce analytics, performance management and learning and development offered by Trakstar, and organizations now have integrated technologies for optimizing the performance of organizations, teams and individuals, he added.

Last month, Mitratech unveiled updates and expansions for its product suite in order to help its customers “meet the complex demands of the market.” The enhancements included a workflow automation within Microsoft Teams, spend management capabilities, policy management technology and the full integration of two previous acquisitions by the company in the last year, AssureHire and TalentReef.

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