Modern Hire Launches New Talent Analytics Maturity Model, Adds Languages

Modern Hire Launches Talent Analytics Maturity Model; Adds Languages to Interview Tech

Modern Hire released its Talent Analytics Maturity Model, which provides companies with a self-evaluation survey using an AI integration that offers the ability to understand their level of talent analytics maturity and readiness.

Executive Vice President of Innovation Eric Sydell said the model offers an approach to talent management that is grounded in data. It’s designed to guide HR teams in their use of advanced technologies to identify and quickly hire candidates, he said.

Recently, organizations in HR technology to help them make more effective talent decisions. However, many employers still struggle with how to best capitalize on their data’s value. According to Aptitude Research, 78% of HR and talent acquisition leaders say hiring performance would improve if they had a more strategic approach to talent analytics.

“Navigating the HR technology landscape tests even the most tech-savvy HR teams,” said Karin Borchert, Modern Hire’s CEO. “With the right technology and approach, organizations can overcome common issues and obstacles, such as AI biases, and make the most of their talent data to achieve relevant, engaging and ethical hiring.”

Ethical Diverse Hiring

Modern Hire also announced the addition of new languages for its Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), which is meant to promote more ethical and diverse hiring. AIS is an interview technology that uses advanced AI models to evaluate candidate responses and provide hiring teams with recommended scores.

The solution is now available in 23 different languages to help global businesses mitigate unconscious bias and ensure fair, diverse and efficient hiring, Modern Hire said. The AI is verified to reduce bias when compared to human raters, the company added.

The AIS technology gives candidates an interview in their language of choice, based on job relevant questions and competencies. The automated interview feature then transcribes and evaluates candidate responses before providing employers with rankings and an overall score.

The newly added languages will facilitate the hiring of a larger number of candidates from around the world.

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