More Tech Providers Use ‘Digital Workers’ to Handle Automation

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WorkFusion, an intelligent automation company focused on financial technology, launched Work.AI, a no-code platform that leverages an organization’s domain expertise to create an AI-based digital workforce. Behind the scenes, the platform combines the capabilities of AI/machine learning, intelligent document processing and robotic process automation.

WorkFusion’s not the only company using “digital workers” as the face of their AI and automation efforts. In April, Kelly launched Kelly Fusion, a product suite that can manage data entry tasks and new-hire processes such as background screenings and onboarding procedures. Next month, the startup Artisan will launch its first digital worker, Ava, a “sales representative” that will initially automate the outbound sales cycle. Artisan’s future “workers” include Noah the designer and Liam the marketer.

Whatever these companies call it, this is all about automation. In WorkFusion’s world, digital workers work alongside real-world employees (people) to take care of repetitive activities such as data collection, document handling and false-positive clearing. That frees up human workers to spend more time on strategic projects. With controls in place to orchestrate machine learning models and other elements of automation, WorkFusion says the platform does this without increasing risk to the technology stack.

“Quite simply, an end-to-end no-code automation platform to create AI Digital Workers means you can get data from anywhere and take actions without having to write code,” said WorkFusion CTO Peter Cousins. The platform allows companies to “automatically use AI to exercise judgment in categorizing, making decisions or extracting information” from either structured or unstructured text and documents.

In addition, the platform allows users (again people) to review data, decisions and analysis, as well as monitor and conduct additional analysis through dashboards, Cousins said.

Automation’s Human Face

With Work.AI, users can: 

  • “Hire” pre-built digital workers including pre-trained models and connectors to common industry software and data sources.
  • Configure digital workers without development projects through pre-built steps and workflows, along with no-code configuration screens.
  • Build custom digital workers using features like no-code IDP, a connectors framework and a rules engine.

The platform integrates with external systems and offers out-of-the-box process analytics, WorkFusion said.

WorkFusion’s focus is financial technology but its approach here maps to other industries. The company’s products use learning bots, proprietary AI and analytics to automate a range of business operations, specializing in the needs of banking, insurance and healthcare companies.  

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