Namely Launches 24/7 Customer Support With Real People

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Namely will offer 24/7 live support to expand its customer service efforts, using its support team, rather than chat, to provide personalized guidance, answer questions, resolve issues and generally help out users and platform administrators.

“We understand the world today works in dynamic environments, and the needs of customers don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule,” said Esta Pittard, chief operating officer of Vensure Employer Services.

The services and key areas Namely will focus on include:

  • Employee Maintenance, including profile management, password resets, first-time registrations, activations/inactivations and PTO management.
  • Payroll Processing, will address paycheck and deduction inquiries, as well as garnishment support.
  • Reporting to offer basic setup guidance and assistance creating reports.

Additional Support Services

Notably, VensureHR – another Vensure Employer Solutions company – rolled out its own 24/7 support capabilities this month. The company said it wants to “set industry standards” and further improve its customer experience. Vensure its “follow-the-sun” approach to support connects customers with in-house employees who have experience with the company’s technology and software. Customers can also connect with Vensure subject matter experts to get their inquiries answered fully and quickly.

Implementing 24/7 support is a company-wide effort for Vensure, the company said, with distinct implementation for its individual brands including VensureHR and PrismHR along with Namely.

Last month, Namely announced plans to launch four new bundled offerings designed to address challenges faced by SMBs in the current economic landscape. The bundled products include basic HR and payroll modules, and offer more complex solutions for onboarding, recruitment, performance management, compliance, benefits administration and time management. For businesses seeking comprehensive solutions, two of the products, Namely Plus People and Namely Complete, extend options to include managed payroll, managed benefits and professional employment services.

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