NetSuite Adds Performance Charts to SuitePeople

NetSuite Employee Center

Oracle NetSuite added a number of features to its overall suite with an eye toward improving efficiency and insights capabilities.

For HR, the platform’s SuitePeople module added eight interactive charts to provide HR with information on the performance of groups or individual employees. In addition, performance have been made more visible to employees, in an effort to help them stay focused. Meanwhile, managers can view how well employees are tracking toward their goals.  

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Meantime, SuiteAnalytics now allows users to add calculated fields on aggregated workbook columns, providing real-time insights on the business. Native language support for SuiteAnalytics Workbooks has been added, letting users analyze and explore company data and workbooks in their language of choice.

Most of the enhancements are designed to help organizations improve financial, inventory and operational management, the company said, focusing on financial, inventory and operational management.

NetSuite Positions for ‘Growth Opportunities’

The enhancements are designed to help companies take advantage of the “increasing growth opportunities” that have resulted from business changes in the wake of Covid-19. “All organizations have gone through seismic changes and while obstacles remain, opportunities are growing,” said EVP Evan Goldberg.

In October, NetSuite added a new performance management application to SuitePeople, as well as employee onboarding, payroll and performance management capabilities. Besides centralizing administration of performance management, the module ties into other areas of the organization-wide NetSuite platform, collates performance metrics and lays the groundwork for discussions between workers and managers.

At the time, Vice President of HCM Product Management Hanif Ismail said NetSuite planned to build out Performance Management with additional features, including additional feedback mechanisms. “The intention is to make this their cockpit, so that all the insight they need to do this performance review is right there,” he said.

NetSuite’s announcement comes just days after parent company Oracle launched Journeys, a platform HR can use to create and deliver customized workflows that address personal and workplace tasks.

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