New Leapsome Program Offers ‘People Enablement’ Tools to Startups


Fresh off of integrating generative AI into its platform, Leapsome launched a new program meant to provide early-stage companies with “people enablement” tools that are less expensive than other options.

In June, the company launched new capabilities into Leapsome Reviews, taking what it called “the first step in a series of platform improvements” to leverage generative AI and offer managers tools to improve their feedback to employees. The AI is used as “an accelerator, optimizer and improver of content,” Leapsome said.

The new program, called Leapsome for Startups, provides early-stage companies with tools that can help develop both their workers and businesses. The suite includes five core modules – Reviews, Surveys, Learning, Goals and Compensation – as well as Competency Frameworks, Instant Feedback and Meetings.

Leapsome said the product will help early-stage businesses accelerate growth with tools for:

  • Strategic Alignment: Leapsome’s Goals module includes real-time progress tracking and helps amplify team productivity, the company said. The module encourages efficient planning and follow-ups, helps avoid wasted time and also to maintain focus. 
  • Performance Management: A blend of Reviews, Competency Frameworks and 1:1 meetings creates dynamic feedback and encourages continuous growth. Performance Reviews deliver feedback while Leapsome’s Competency Framework identifies skills gaps to inform future hiring or training decisions.  
  • Employee Engagement: Leapsome’s Surveys module captures anonymous feedback to help leaders identify and address pressing issues.  
  • Learning & Development: Coupling Leapsome’s Learning module with a competency framework streamlines skills-development efforts, Leapsome said. The platform tracks progress and aligns learning with competencies identified as needing enhancement.

“Many early-stage startups fall into the trap of thinking they can sideline HR processes and people enablement,” said Leapsome co-founder and Co-CEO Kajetan von Armansperg. “But having these elements in place from the beginning saves valuable time and money.”

As part of the program, new customers with fewer than 50 employees will receive a 25% discount on their first module for up to three years. Those affiliated with a Leapsome partner will receive a 50% discount.

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