Oracle Launches Return-to-Workplace Package

Oracle Return to Work

Oracle updated Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM’s Employee Care Package as businesses begin planning the reopening of their workplaces post-Covid-19. The updates include new testing and vaccine-tracking capabilities, as well as automated guidance for employees returning on-site.

The features are packaged as a Return to the Workplace Journey, which is Oracle’s nomenclature for stepping users through processes, training, safety protocols and the like. The product also helps HR teams review workforce data related to areas like testing and vaccination.

.@Oracle updated Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM’s Employee Care Package to help businesses navigate the reopening of their workplaces post-Covid-19. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Among the steps covered by the Journey are reviewing new safety procedures, regular wellness checks, mask and safety-protocol training, booking a Covid test and updating immunization status through self-reporting or proof of vaccination. Oracle said it’s working with healthcare providers to allow access to necessary information when users need it.

On the HR side, practitioners can use Oracle’s HCM Analytics to monitor areas such as the percentage of workers who’ve been tested or vaccinated, their distribution across multiple offices or how different regions are progressing. Real-time data helps businesses make decisions about allowing office access, timing and protocols that should be in place at each location.

Return-to-Work ‘Journey’

Oracle’s update comes as employers put more emphasis on workplace safety, especially as it applies to communicable diseases—like viruses. “As the future of work continues to evolve, it’s critical that organizations are able to make informed business decisions in real time to protect their teams,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president of development for Oracle Cloud HCM. The pandemic, he observed, “has put HR leaders front and center as they help their teams adjust to change and address new challenges.” 

The Oracle Employee Care Package is a bundle of HCM tools that helps HR ensure safety and provide support amidst ongoing workplace change.  

Oracle began emphasizing journeys in 2020, as it sought to streamline the experience of employees who have to follow specific procedures when, say, such as changing their address or adding family members to their benefits plan. At the time, the company said Journeys was meant to make it easier for HR toll roll out new initiatives by putting together a sequence of simple steps that people could follow.

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