Paycom Adds Knowledge Test, Video to its LMS


Paycom rolled out two enhancements to its Paycom Learning LMS, one to help employees demonstrate their knowledge of a skill and the other to let subject matter experts to create and distribute video-based microlearning content.

The first feature, called Performance Evidence, enables Paycom gives employees a way to show their progress in a subject area and confirm they’re truly grasping course material. Managers or trainers then can provide direct input about the worker’s performance.

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The second feature, the Video Content Creator, allows customers to quickly permission SMEs to create training videos, upload them in their preferred format and add accompanying materials and questions to test the viewer’s knowledge.

Both enhancements provide offer customization tools that address areas such as access, time restrictions and reporting capabilities.

Another Video Learning Player

“We understand the impact learning and development programs can have on a company’s overall strategy and growth, and these two features bring a whole new approach to how companies can implement, measure and report on key initiatives,” said Paycom CEO Chad Richison.

With Video Content Creator, Paycom joins a steadily—though not necessarily quickly—growing list of vendors who are adding new video capabilities to their learning management systems. In November, Cornerstone OnDemand launched Digital Native Advancement, or “DNA,” a video series tied to professional skill development. Squarely focused on Gen Z, DNA’s content is designed for mobile viewing and delivered through videos that run for two minutes or less.

Paycom’s new features arrived about three months after the company unveiled Ask Here, a tool designed to provide employees with a simple way to get answers to work-related questions. The company said Ask Here ensures that all inquiries are addressed and any required actions are taken without  follow-up on the part of the employee.

Last year, Paycom released Employment Predictor, a machine-learning-based product designed to give employers greater insight into flight risk. The analytics available include departure-prediction trends based on risk factors and scoring of data already within the Paycom system.

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Image: Paycom

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