Paycor Launches Engagement-Measurement Tool with NLP

Paycor Pulse

Paycor unveiled a new employee engagement product that uses natural language processing to convert written information into data around employee sentiment.

The company said the product, Paycor Pulse will help executives identify issues leading to turnover, low morale and other challenges.

Paycor believes the product’s timing is right because of the general unsettledness among workers being caused by the coronavirus. HR and business leaders are faced with new concerns impacting employee experience, engagement and workforce management, it said, and must respond to them more quickly.

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Pulse uses NLP to help analyze employee sentiment in real time. That will help employers develop strategies to build trust in leadership and improve business performance, Paycor said, while encouraging leaders to promote accountability and make data-driven decisions.

The product includes pulse and engagement survey templates, privacy safeguards, several dashboards, an analysis summary, filters for demographics and workplace categories and executive summaries.

Paycor Pulse on New Realities

“We are all facing a new reality of work where we need to quickly understand the needs of our employees and ensure our organization is strategically positioned for success,” said Chief Product Officer Ryan Bergstrom. He described Paycor Pulse as being about “bringing the focus of HR back to the people and truly understanding the needs of your workforce in real time.”

Earlier this year, Paycor added tools to its Time and Attendance module in an effort to simplify and automate scheduling processes. The tools, called Scheduling and Scheduling Pro, were designed to help employers better manage labor costs and optimize staff by cutting down on manual chores. 

In October, the company launched a package designed to make workforce analytics more accessible to HR managers. Powered by Visier, Paycor Analytics helps HR recognize patterns and identify problem areas so they can develop strategies to address issues in both the near and long terms.

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