Paycor Launches Generative AI Assistant

Paycor Launches Generative AI Assistant

Paycor launched a generative AI digital assistant in partnership with Visier to help organizations with their people data. The offering is designed to provide company leaders with “quick and detailed” insights into their workforces, the company said.

With it, the companies hope to enable organizations to better understand HR analytics and make data-driven decisions about their business.

The new release adds a conversational interface to Paycor’s existing analytics platform, which will allow leaders to ask HR and workforce management questions about their teams and receive immediate answers and insights.

Paycor Chief Product Officer Ryan Bergstrom said, “While AI is not new to us, by partnering with Visier to integrate the new generative AI analytics digital assistant into our tool, we’re helping leaders save time and resources by providing them with the answers they need without any of the heavy lifting.”

The partnership also further builds on Paycor and Visier’s existing relationship. The two companies have been working closely since 2019.

Data-Driven Workforce Insights

According to Paycor, additional key features of the generative AI analytics digital assistant include:

  • Instant responses: The new AI analytics digital assistant can access workforce insights securely in seconds, tailored to the role and permissions of the person asking.
  • Correct interpretation of data: The assistant delivers detailed explanations with charts, graphs and infographics, so users can interpret the data correctly and easily.
  • Accessible to a wide range of leaders: It also provides self-service access to insights company-wide, even to those who aren’t well-versed in analytics.

In August, Paycor released Paycor Engage, a one-stop shop to share company news, facilitate communications and recognize employees across the mobile and web environments. The product was designed to improve how employers communicate with their teams. In addition, the company said it will enable social collaboration for cross-functional groups across the organization.

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