Phenom Adds Personalization, Internal ‘Gig’ Tools to Experience Platform

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Phenom added new products to its Talent Experience Platform, including one-to-one personalization, a gig-style approach to internal assignments and role-based access.

The company, which previously called itself Phenom People, announced the products during its IAMPHENOM conference in Philadelphia.

Phenom added features including one-to-one personalization, a gig-style approach to internal assignments and role-based access. @Phenom_People #HR #HRTech Share on X

With the products, the company’s trying to reduce the need for multiple platforms in recruiting, interviewing and assessing candidates. Phenom said the use of disparate technologies forces employers to sacrifice efficiency and connection through the talent acquisition process.

Simplify, Personalize

With the new products, the Phenom TXM platform will provide more personalized career sites, access to internal opportunities and self-service interview scheduling.

  • True 1-to-1 Personalization provides an individualized experience throughout the candidate’s journey, Phenom said. The product analyzes candidate interactions across all channels to present job recommendations, job-fit indicators, branded content and a tailored experience to match each candidate’s needs. A “one-click personalization” feature simplifies the process of offering personalization.
  • Phenom Scheduling is designed to streamline the recruiter experience by integrating with team calendars and time block preferences. It also allows candidates to self-select their ideal interview times.
  • Phenom Gigs provides an internal talent marketplace where managers can create short-term projects that give employees experience and new skills. The company position Gigs as a development opportunity for employees, and said it saves managers time and money that would have been spent finding and hiring contingent workers.
  • Frontline Hiring Manager provides recruiters and hiring managers at franchise or retail locations with role-based access to Phenom TXM. This allows teams to manage their own jobs, pipelines, candidates and messaging. The product’s designed for franchises and retailers.

Phenom rolled out its Talent Experience Management platform in May in order to take a “holistic approach” to managing the candidate and employee lifecycles. The TXM offers unified technology and design to strengthen the user experience and boost productivity for recruiters and management.

At the time, CEO Mahe Bayireddi said the company’s goal was to help eliminate multiple-point solutions which aren’t integrated with core HR systems.

In January, Phenom closed a Series C round of $30 million, bringing its investment total to $61 million. The company said it will use the funds to continue scaling and growth.

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