Phenom Launches Product Features With Eye on Recovery

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Recruiting platform Phenom launched a set of new features intended to help employers prepare for an eventual economic recovery, and is spreading the word with a guidebook series focused on virtual hiring, creating a more agile workforce and engaging with both new candidates and furloughed employees.

The messaging differs from that of other vendors by focusing not so much on returning employees to work as on planning for it. Over the last month or so, many solutions providers have offered ideas and products designed to help companies bring employers back to the office without contracting COVID-19.

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Those pitches have quieted down in recent days as the number of cases reported across the country has increased. In particular, talent acquisition vendors have been challenged to craft messages that resonate when the unemployment rate stands at 11.1% and, by many estimates, hiring levels are declining.  

The new Phenom Essentials product packages and HR Resiliency Playbooks seem tailored to helping employers confront today’s realities: They must hire to keep pace with fidgety market demand, be ready to re-hire workers they’d let go and redeploy their existing workforce to reflect operational change. At the same time, they must also prepare for a post-pandemic recovery.

The playbooks cover relationship-building when connections are all but limited to virtual means; redeploying workers from declining areas of business to expanding ones; and maintaining relationships with alumni as a way to prepare for a rebound.

Doing More With Less

Phenom’s new product packages are designed for HR and TA users who must meet increasing demands with fewer resources and reduced budgets.

Dubbed Phenom Essentials, the packages are built around candidate engagement, university recruiting, agility and “talent recovery,” meaning the re-hiring of sidelined workers. They include different mixes of chatbots, assessments, messaging and websites. Phenom also said they can be implemented in weeks, rather than months.

Not surprisingly, Phenom’s messaging around the products hits on some the company’s favorite themes: internal gigs, building engagement and presenting a polished employer brand. Of course, those are all logical things to emphasize given the dynamics of today’s economy.

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