Phenom People Adds Digi-Me Video Job Ads

Phenom People

Phenom People has struck a deal with Digi-Me, which produces 60-second video job ads, to offer video recruiting tools on its platform.

Digi-Me’s products are built on the idea that the challenge of recruiting today can be overcome by “showing” a story as well as “telling” it. Its brief video ads allow candidates to get a better picture of what’s involved in a given role, especially when compared to reading a long text description and researching the employer. In addition, digesting a video is simpler than text or display ads on mobile devices.

Phenom People believes adding video ads to its platform will help candidates better understand the unique culture and attributes of a job. Incorporating video into its platform provides an opportunity to relay information about company culture and employer brand along with the job description.

Video Job Ads & ‘Hyper-Personalization’

Phenom People’s platform offers a “hyper-personalized” candidate experience and delivers well-matched roles to job seekers. Its natural language processing and conversational chatbots source, screen and schedule interviews before human recruiters step in.

On the backend, the platform provides insights to help employers discover new talent, rediscover existing candidates, identify active and passive job seekers, and understand each candidate’s intent and fit score.

Digi-Me’s videos use proprietary technology to provide real-time data around candidate behavior. For example, it delivers information on the source of best views, applies and hires, including through social sharing of an employer’s jobs. Its job ads uses candidate trends to show recruiters how and where to spend their time during the process.

The company seems well-positioned to exploit candidates’ continued and growing use of both social media and mobile devices, as well as the growing use of web-based video. The company said 60 percent of its client’s applicants come through candidate social sharing. Its video job ads include tools to simplify applications by linking directly to a company’s ATS.

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Image: Phenom People

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