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HCM Technology Report’s Weekly Round-up via PODCAST. Seriously written by Mark Feffer. Gleefully shredded by Chad Sowash. This week: LinkedIn, JobVite & AI.

Welcome to the HCM Technology Report’s Weekly Round-up via PODCAST… It’s HR Tech, a blast of Rock N Roll and more EXPLICIT words than editors can count. All provided by the better half of The Chad & Cheese – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast – that’s right I’m Chad Sowash – Yes that Chad – the Chad who thinks the supreme editor-in-chief of HCMTechReport.com – Mark Feffer is a big wuss. Feffer sounds like fluffer, right?

Mark: Such an asshole

You’re welcome Mark.

It’s time for this week’s top HR tech news.

LinkedIn’s moving Recruiter, Jobs and Pipeline Builder to a single platform. It wants to put its whole recruiter’s toolkit in one place and give it a single interface. Oh how cute.  It also announced – separately – a new live-video feature that’s moving into public beta.

The two announcements are unrelated. But seriously is anything at LinkedIn really unrelated? Feffer says no. His thinking – if you put any credence into his thinking – is that: LinkedIn makes most of its money from recruiting tools. More companies are using video interviews. Nearly a third of them use a dedicated video platform. And, let’s not forget: Facebook and Twitter both support video.

Put all that together with LinkedIn’s recruiting business, and you gotta believe that somewhere in Sunnyvale, people are talking about knitting video into LinkedIn’s talent acquisition suite. That’s funny because Feffer watches knitting videos constantly. 

NEXT: There’s more gold in them thar hills.

That’s right JobVite just received a $200 million investment from K1. What are they going to do with that kind of cash? They already did it! They bought three companies: recruitment marketing firm Talemetry, internal hiring platform RolePoint and interviewing-chatbot maker Canvas.

JobVite will wrap these services into its own. That way, it’ll deliver a unified experience, from sourcing to retention and speed up product development. It’s going to take awhile to get there and unification is generally a painful process – we’ll be watching.  

Finally: HR.com says more HR pros are learning about AI. 43% said they were “knowledgeable” about it, up from 35% last year. This is where I say 43% of HR professionals are full of shit…  

Anyways, with all hype we hear about AI, companies are wanting include it in their HR stack.

Mark: Stack. That’s a technical word, Chad.

Fuck you, Feffer.

All that hype has more companies including AI in their HR stack. So, it’s becoming more important for HR professionals to understand AI so they’re on firmer ground when they evaluate new products.

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Oh God, I can’t believe I got through that without barfing.

Sowash OUT!

Mark: Dropkick me Jesus through the goal posts of life.

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