Phenom People Integrates SwoopTalent Candidate Database


Phenom People has partnered with sourcing platform SwoopTalent to provide talent acquisition teams with access to a wider range of candidates. The integration delivers best-fit candidate profiles into the Phenom CRM, eliminating the need for manual sourcing and helping recruiters keep track of previous contacts.

The companies said their partnership will supply employers with “an abundance of new candidates” with correct information in place from the beginning. 

An integration between @Phenom_People and @SwoopTalent will give recruiters 'an abundance of new candidates' with correct information in place from the beginning.  @HR @HRTech @Recruiting Share on X

Users of Phenom People’s Talent Experience Management platform aren’t required to search through talent pools or professional networks to discover new candidates. Instead, they can take advantage of the integration in two ways: accessing candidate recommendations or importing current candidate information from the SwoopTalent database into the Phenom TXM Platform.

SwoopTalent calls itself a “talent data lake” that allows companies to simplify the use of HR technology by “making it easier to do every single thing you need to do with data.” That includes delivering the right information to the right people, developing stronger analytics and making it easier to stage migrations and integrations. 

The company’s database contains “hundreds of millions” of candidate profiles, which Phenom’s system can review once they’re imported to identify the best-fit candidates for a particular open job. In addition, existing profiles are continually merged and updated with contact information and credentials from applicant tracking systems, job boards and Phenom CRM. That allows recruiters to revisit past applicants at any time.

More than a Candidate Pool

Saumil Gandhi, Phenom People’s vice president of strategic partnerships, said the integration offers joint customers not only a large number of sourced candidates, “but the most qualified ones for the job.” SwoopTalent CEO Stacy Chapman believes “the ability to source from your own tailored talent pool right inside Phenom People is what makes this so good for organizations.” Combining records from the ATS, CRM and other sources, combined with public data, help organizations surface the best candidates,” she said.

Phenom People say its Talent Experience Management platform uses “a holistic approach” to connect the interactions the four experiences it’s based on: recruiting experience, candidate experience, employee experience, and management experience.

Phenom People rolled out the Talent Experience Management platform, or TXM, in May. The platform’s designed to offer a unified technical approach and streamlined user experience to boost the candidate experience and recruiter productivity.

In June, the company unveiled an integration with ZAPinfo, designed reduce sourcing time by automating traditionally manual processes.

Separately, Phenom People will again be a global underwriter for the Talent Boards’s 2019 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards global benchmark research program, and join the Talent Board underwriter sponsor advisory board. Ed Newman, Phenom People’s chief evangelist, is one of the board’s co-founders.

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Image: SwoopTalent

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