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Welcome to PeopleTech, the podcast of the HCM Technology Report. I’m Mark Feffer.

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It was busy week in recruiting, with a couple of interesting acquisitions being announced. iCIMS bought the French firm EASYRECRUE—I hope I’m pronouncing that right—and OutMatch acquired Checkster.

EASYRECRUE’s based in Paris. They offer live and on-demand video interview tools, scheduling and assessments. They also bring about 100 employees and 450 customers to the family. That triples iCIMS global footprint.

Remember that last month, iCIMS consolidated its products into a single platform—the iCIMS Talent Cloud. EASYRECRUE’s tools will be integrated into Talent Cloud, and its customers will be able to tap into iCIMS features.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first European deal iCIMS has done this year. In May, they acquired Opening.io, a data science firm in Ireland. iCIMS used that technology as the basis for  Talent Logic, designed to help employers identify, connect and hire candidates more quickly.

Now to OutMatch. It’s going to integrate Checkster’s reference-checking and post-hire analysis tools into its platform. CEO Greg Moran said Checkster will help address “a critical inefficiency” in hiring, by automating the collection of references. They’ll also provide more data for customers to use in searching for candidates.

Also having a busy week was Beamery. No acquisitions, but they launched a new Data Platform. It uses graph technology and deep learning to provide better insights.

The platform is called the Talent Data Platform, and it uses more than a billion data points to create what Beamery calls a “first view of talent.” Among other things, it helps employers get an idea of each candidate’s potential and goals, rather than just focus on their current performance.

It de-duplicates and standardizes profiles to make sure all their data’s accurate. It also contextualizes the data, and helps tailor interactions for individual candidates.

Not to be left out, Phenom launched a new integration with Microsoft Teams. It’ll let recruiters and managers collaborate on sourcing and interviewing, without having to switch into and out of applications. It also provides video-interview scheduling and note capture.

On the employee side, users can search for open roles, forward jobs to family and friends, and check the status of applications and referrals.

Also, Talview released a new app for Teams. This one, too, minimizes switching around. 

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