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Welcome to the HCM Technology Report’s Weekly Round-up via PODCAST… It’s a short blast of Human Capital Management Tech with a boost of Rock N Roll and a few naughty words handed down from The Chad & Cheese – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast – I’m Chad Sowash – yes that Chad…

Let the Round-up BEGIN…

Hey, job boards: Does it sometimes fell like you can’t get any love—unless your name’s Indeed or something? Well, buck up. A survey by Clutch, which is kinda like a Yelp for business, says you guys are still the top way candidates find work. 40% said they found their position through an online posting. 25% percent relied on old-fashioned networking, and only 15% used social media.

That social media part sounds a little off so I’m wondering if job seekers think of LinkedIn as a social media platform compared to the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. After all, JobVite says about half of candidates use social media. But one thing’s for sure: No one’s arguing that social media’s a growing force in recruiting.

Speaking of recruiting, you’ll be shocked—shocked I tell you—to hear that finding high-quality candidates is at the very TOP of HR’s list of worries. That’s from a survey of HR pros from XpertHR. 64% said they’re having trouble sourcing talent – no shit have you seen the market?

So, it’s a good time to be building recruiting solutions. Case in point: the “AI recruiting platform” AllyO says it had a strong 2018. Its enterprise client base rose by 250 percent, it added new features—like an integration with WhatsApp—and hired 70 new employees. And this is a company in just its third year of business.

Meanwhile, there’s a new kid on the block: JobzMall. It’s an online mall where companies open virtual stores and candidates can browse or search openings, post video resumes and chat with employers. During a public beta last year, JobzMall says it attracted 100,000 seekers and 500 employers. It’s very graphics-heavy, and is clearly aimed at younger workers.

Wait, what? Does anyone remember Second Life? No, that’s because much like this idea it sucked.

Finally, registration’s open for this year’s HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. It runs October first through the fourth. Details at www.hrtechnologyconference.com.

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