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Welcome to the HCM Technology Report Weekly Round-up via PODCAST… It’s a short blast of the HR Tech information you want with a boost of Rock N Roll and a few explicit words borrowed from The Chad & Cheese – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast – I’m Chad Sowash – yes that Chad… The Chad who takes the script Mark Feffer writes, then does whatever the hell he wants.

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Alright, let’s jump into “HR technology and product news.” Fresh from our friends at HCM Tech Report.com

This week we’re starting off by talking money. Specifically, Infor’s money. The company’s just gobbled up a 1.5 b-b-b-billion dollar investment from shareholders Koch Equity Development and Golden Gate Capital. And for the first time, it’s used the letters I-P-O. Maybe later this year or in 2020.

Oh, how Feffer loves the way Infor’s chief executive Charles Phillips said: “All of our 17,300 employees are excited about this milestone.” Every single one of them. Not a soul is wondering about the way IPOs tend to push companies to think more about quarterly earnings than, say, R&D, not too mention isn’t taking money from Koch like taking it from Satan? Yea, I bet the employees are over-fuckin-joyed…

That’s all mentioned because Infor reports spending about 2.5 billion dollars in product design and development over the last five years. We’ll see if they keep that up. A lot of analysts say they will – I personally don’t believe them.

Okay, enough about Satan and money. Let’s talk communications. the “enterprise social network” Speakap says more than half of deskless workers use their own messaging apps and social networks on the job.

That’s kind of a no-brainer when you think about how much you hear words like “consumerization” thrown around. Here’s something else: 64 percent of deskless employees use their own devices to communicate at work.

Why should you care? Because this could all mean your grand internal communications plan doesn’t consider how your employees actually, well, work.

Oh, and about Speakap: We’re not exactly sure what an “enterprise social network” does, but it’s got something to do with simplifying communications. So, Speakap has a dog in this hunt.

Finally, CareerBuilder has acquired Textkernel, which builds AI, machine-learning and semantic tools for matching jobs and candidates. By leveraging Textkernel’s technology and its own candidate and jobs data, CareerBuilder hopes to make its entire product line “smarter and more efficient.”

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