TriNet Releases Updated Mobile App

TriNet Mobile App

TriNet, a Dublin, Calif.-based provider of SMB HR solutions, released a new version of its mobile app. The update’s designed to improve access to HR information for both employers and workers.

According to TriNet, the updated app helps SMBs streamline HR processes, improve employee engagement and offer real-time access to HR information. It also incorporates simple access to common tasks such as submitting time-off requests, retrieving benefits information and accessing a detailed view of payroll data. In addition, employees can use the app to access a company directory and communicate directly with their teams.

Besides detailing the mobile app’s features, TriNet’s positioning it as a strategic tool. “The freedom to manage HR on the go can help businesses attract and retain key employees, while operating in a more effective and efficient manner,” said the company’s CTO, Craig Flower. While this may not be the biggest of deals, in terms of marketing, we think it’s worth noting because so many SMB products emphasize features that save time, money and effort.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Its key features include:

  • A redesigned UI and navigation.
  • Detailed pay history, with in-depth paycheck comparisons.
  • Access to benefits coverage information and member identification cards from certain healthcare insurance providers.
  • Flexible spending account overview, a current balance summary and a list of covered family members.
  • Detailed company directory with colleague contact details.
  • In-app messaging for team members to communicate.
  • Summary and approval status for recent expense reports.

In September, TriNet unveiled a new brand identity with a national ad campaign emphasizing the company’s delivery of services to growing businesses. In June, it introduced TriNet Professional Services, an industry-specific product to meet the HR needs of professional services firms in areas such as consulting, advertising and other expertise-driven sectors.

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Image: TriNet

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