Namely Adds Starter Bundle for Small Business HR

Small Business Team

Namely launched its newest bundle for small businesses, a starter solution called Namely Now.

Priced at $9 per employee per month, Namely Now is a self-contained package that can be implemented in three weeks. Namely positioned the platform as being ideal for businesses that want to start or streamline their HR systems with minimum investment.

The platform offers a range of features, including HR management, simplified payroll management and analytics, among other capabilities. Its self-service mobile app provides employees with access to newsfeeds, company updates and pertinent documents, Namely said. Namely Now also provides 24/7 live assistance for any questions, guidance, issue resolution and general support for system administrators.

“The new bundle enables business owners to access an entry-level solution that easily scales to more advanced modules as their businesses grow,” said Alex Campos, CEO of Namely parent Vensure Employer Solutions.

Vensure said Namely Now’s pricing and features are available without the need for long-term contracts or complex implementation processes. The platform integrates with virtually all existing business systems, the company said, allowing customers to customize their HR and payroll management experience and improve people management.

Namely’s Customer Support

Namely previously said it plans to launch four new bundled offerings designed to address challenges faced by SMBs in the current economic landscape. Some 3.2 million SMBs now use cloud applications to manager their HR activities. Around 13% of HR teams that don’t have such solutions are considering implementing one in the next year.

Within the last month, Namely said it will offer 24/7 live support to expand its customer service efforts. Its approach relies on its support team, rather than chat, to provide guidance, answer questions, resolve issues and generally help out users and platform administrators.

Around the same time, Vensure launched its own 24/7 support capabilities. The company said its goal was to “set industry standards” as it improved its customer experience. Vensure said implementing 24/7 support was a company-wide effort, with distinct implementation planned for its individual brands including VensureHR and PrismHR as well as Namely.

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