Podcast: Ultimate Goes Private, TriNet’s App & ‘Cultural Alignment’


Welcome to HCM Technology Report’s Weekly Round-up via PODCAST… Just another short blast of HR Tech with a boost of Rock N Roll and a few unsavory words handed down from The Chad & Cheese – HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast – I’m Chad Sowash – yes that Chad… the Chad who takes Mark Feffer’s finely written work of art and slams it headfirst into the podcasting world of iTunes, Google Podcast and wherever you listen wherever you listen to podcasts.

Sitting in today at the studio is our funky little pal and writer… What’s that? Oh my bad… Editor in Chief Mark Feffer… (APPLAUSE) How are you today Mark?

MARK: Glad to be here Chad

Excellent let’s start with happy news. Happy, happy, happy. Okay who writes this shit Mark? It’s more like Dolla Dolla Bills y’all!


YES – RIGHT NOW in South Florida they’re not just being smug about the weather, tans on hot bodies and beaches. Ultimate Software—near Fort Lauderdale—is going private. And since all of Ultimate’s employees have an equity stake, they’re all gonna get a taste of that 11 b-b-b-billion dollars, or 331.50 per share, that an investor group is paying.

Ultimate’s 51 hundred employees will still be led by founder and CEO Scott Scherr and the current executive team is staying in place. Scherr said the investors are in “full alignment” with his vision of serving the global HR market and preserving Ultimate’s culture. The company’s always on those “best places to work” lists.

Ultimate is an incredibly smart company, as they demonstrated last year when they signed a fat check to Mark Feffer and became HCM Tech Report’s inaugural sponsor. Sucking up to Feffer and other editors is expected to begin very shortly.

MARK: I didn’t write that


Far, far away in Dublin, California—TriNet, which offers HR solutions to small and mid-sized companies, released a new version of its mobile app. In the name of self-service, it streamlines processes for employees and their human-resources friends. It includes communications tools so teams can keep up with each other, and simplifies access to time-off requests, benefits information, and payroll.

And there is more!

Engagement software company Awegeee-o, Aug-eeO – ahh fuck Ahh Geo – Who comes up with these stupid names in the first place? Ahh Geo launched REACH—a toolkit designed to help companies understand each employee’s skills and interests. It also encourages teamwork, helps with career development and promotes “cultural alignment.” – that was in air quotes by the way…

After careful research and heavy reporting, probably aligned with heavy drinking, Mark Feffer and his comrades concluded that “cultural alignment” – once again in air quotes – may have something to do with drinking Kool-Aid or shall we say it’s a total crock of shit. Feffer won’t say it because he doesn’t want to sound cynical. So, once again I have to be the bad guy. Fuckin’ Feffer…

Finally, for those of you who can’t stand the suspense any longer, ADP increased revenues by 8 percent during its fiscal second quarter—to 3.5 billion dollars.

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Sowash OUT!

MARK: I will hunt you down, Sowash.

Chad & Cheese

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