Qualtrics Launches New Employee Sentiment Tools

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Qualtrics is rolling out EX25, a new framework designed to help employers monitor employee sentiment with its 25 drivers that impact every employees’ workplace experience. Built into Qualtrics EmployeeXM, EX25 helps employers keep up with their employees’ needs and take action to improve engagement and retention.

Covid-19 has completely changed how work gets done, Qualtrics points out, and many employees are taking a fresh look at their priorities and expectations. Some 44% of U.S. workers plan to look for a job in the next year, the company said, giving businesses an extra incentive to track employee expectations.  

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“Employees want to know they are being heard, and employers will lose the war for talent if they don’t continuously listen and respond to employee feedback,” said Jay Choi, Qualtrics chief product officer. EX25, he said, is backed by a “science-based methodology” that guides employers through their conversations with workers

In developing EX25, Qualtrics identified 25 drivers of every employee’s experience at work — such as work-life balance or collaboration — aligned to KPIs covering: engagement

experience vs expectations, intent to stay, inclusion and well-being.

EX25 also includes:

  • A program design guide that helps employers develop their approach to getting a feel for their employees’ state of mind.
  • Set of questions for each employee experience KPI and experience driver.
  • Dashboard templates with employee feedback data to help managers understand the top drivers of employee engagement and take action to make improvements.
  • Benchmarks to illustrate how a company’s employee experience KPIs compare to others in the same industry.
  • Guidance to help managers improve on each experience driver.

By measuring experience within a standard framework, EX25 helps employers confidently make more informed decisions about what will keep their employees satisfied and attract top talent. Employers can also customize the framework to determine how often they need to ask employees for feedback.

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